Volunteers Offer Dog Snuggles on MSU Campus Following the School Shooting

Together we're all Spartan Strong.

Tragedy recently struck a college campus in Michigan when a shooter killed three students and injured 5. We can't even begin to imagine what the students, staff and faculty are feeling since this devastating incident.

Volunteers decided to bring some happiness to the campus following the shooting. And what's the best way to help heal? Dogs! TikTok user @karaxthornton shared a glimpse of these volunteers bringing their dogs to campus and offering fur baby snuggles and more.

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Wow, this is truly special seeing the whole community coming together to help with the healing process. They've been through so much, but we hope all the dog snuggles, mom hugs and dad jokes helped at least a little. Baby steps.

"So many good dogs. Thank you for your hard work. Spartan Strong," commented @weratedogs. We just know that seeing those dogs on campus must've brought a smile to everyone's faces. @bridgethendy added, "Spartan Sunday made me so proud to be a spartan because so many came together to bring light after a dark event. This community is amazing." The whole world is standing behind this community. The whole world is Spartan Strong.

Another TikTok user, @marissaleonard5, said, "Cedar the Golden Retriever loved seeing her fellow Spartans. Go green always." Aww, we love to hear that! Just as everyone loved seeing these fur babies, we know the dogs were in heaven.

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