How to use the new voice filters on TikTok

TikTok now has voice filters, and it’s freaking people out. Here’s how to get them too.

There have been some pretty wild TikTok filters in the past. But, like the big head and Roblox filters, the focus was usually on transforming how users look, not how they sound. Launched last October, the latest voice-changing features definitely add a new layer of insanity to TikTok’s ironic sense of humor.

For example, @dawnmbennettva discovered the voice filter actually works on cats. No, it doesn’t just distort the tone of the cat. It’s as though the cat is literally saying “meow” rather than making the noise.

One of the filters allows you to sound like Kat Callaghan, TikTok’s text-to-speech voice. The user @gpaiprod got a real kick out of being able to sound like Callaghan even while speaking Korean.

However, @saralyn.scherer couldn’t help but notice that a voice effect made her singing sound awful.

The user @raybullraybull slapped a higher-pitched voice over Adam Driver’s rant in Marriage Story.

If you feel like you’re missing out on the fun, here’s how to get TikTok’s voice filters.

Step One: Open the camera on TikTok, and record a video. The video must include an animal or human speaking.

Step Two: Hit the check mark button. Then, tap the three dots and select “Audio Editing.”

Step Three: Now, you can scroll through the different voice filters like “Deep” and “Jessie.”

Step Four: Apply the filter of your choice, and hit “Save.”

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