'The Voice' Fans Are “Shocked” by Kelly Clarkson's "Horrible Call" Sending Tayler Green Home

Kayla Keegan

From Good Housekeeping

  • The Voice concluded its spring 2020 knockout rounds on April 20. The remaining contestants will now compete on the live shows beginning May 4.

  • One of the knockouts was between Team Kelly contestants Micah Iverson and Tayler Green.

  • Coach Kelly Clarkson's decision to put through Micah over Tayler got viewers at home really upset.

Coach Kelly Clarkson is taking a lot of heat online after picking Micah Iverson over Tayler Green during the last round of Voice knockouts.

On Monday night's episode of The Voice, Micah and Tayler faced off, knowing that the winner would advance to the live shows, and the loser would go home (or possibly get saved by Kelly or stolen by John Legend, Blake Shelton, or Nick Jonas). First up was Micah, who chose to sing Halsey's "Graveyard" for this round. After that, Tayler delivered a slow and soulful version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."

When Tayler finished, the judges began giving their feedback — and all seemed to prefer Tayler's performance over Micah's.

"Micah, although you sang the crap out of it, your song choice didn't allow you to vocally soar the way that Tayler's song choice allowed her to do," Blake told both the contestants. John agreed with Blake, adding that Tayler's performance was "mesmerizing." Likewise, Nick reiterated the point made about song choice, but still gave credit to Micah for having some "really powerful moments."

Before making her final decision, Kelly told Micah that in the previous round, she was convinced he would "be in the finale." But in the knockout, she thought the same thing about Tayler. In the end though, much to everyone's surprise, Kelly ultimately went with "a gut feeling" and chose Micah.

In response, The Voice Twitter lost it.

But regardless of the backlash, Kelly seemed sure of her decision.

"Micah blew people away in the blinds and the battles," Kelly said, acknowledging that this might've not been his best performance of the show. "I feel like he is just so incredibly gifted, and I think Micah is one of the best singers on the show."

On Monday, Tayler took to Instagram to post a heartfelt message to her fans: "The support is so Beautiful. This Journey is so Special. I’m so in love with music. I’m so in love with the process. I can’t wait to share all the treasures I’ve been creating."

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