'Voice' Fans Have A LOT to Say About Niall Horan Joining After His Antics Go TikTok Viral

'Voice' Fans Have A LOT to Say About Niall Horan Joining After His Antics Go TikTok Viral

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The Voice season 23 airs on NBC tonight, and Niall Horan is coming in hot with his own take on how to play the competition.

In a new video posted ahead of the 2023 season premiere, viewers got a first look at how the former One Direction member will fare as a coach alongside Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Chance the Rapper. While the clip teasing his debut shows his fun-loving personality, folks quickly learn that he has a lot going for him outside of his good looks and unique musical talent.

"I think Niall's got a lot of things to lean on. Obviously the band ... he's been on television competition shows," fellow Voice newcomer Chance says about what makes the "Heaven" singer stand out from the quartet of coaches. "He's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve. I think he was acting a little docile at first, but really he's a fighter. So, I'm looking out for him."

While it's unclear exactly how the "Nice to Meet Ya" songwriter will sway contestants on The Voice, fans saw how he plans to convince them to join his team. During one moment in the video, he tries to have a private conversation with a competitor and he hilariously blocks Blake, Kelly and Chance with the push of a button.

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"I need to pitch to you properly — I need a bit of privacy," he jokes as he turns the other coaches' chairs back around. "Wow! I didn't even know you could do that!" Chance exclaims.

Niall's fellow artists weren't the only ones shocked at his unusual methods. When segments of the video went viral on TikTok, folks got in on the excitement as well.

"If I was on The Voice and Niall turned, as soon as I finished singing I'd shout 'I'll choose Niall!' 😂," one person wrote. "Niall is gonna wreck me on The Voice," another commented. "Kelly was always my immediate choice for a coach [because] she's my childhood but now that they have Niall I have reconsidered for obvious reasons," a different user added.

Well, it looks like we'll need to tune in to see Niall's antics in real time!

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