'Voice' Coach Kelly Clarkson Confronts "Fight" with Australian Singer Troye Sivan on TV

'Voice' Coach Kelly Clarkson Confronts "Fight" with Australian Singer Troye Sivan on TV

Kelly Clarkson and Troye Sivan were in a "fight," all thanks to a misheard lyric! The Voice coach invited the Australian singer to appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the two took the opportunity to hilariously clear the air.

It all started with Kelly's new song "Mine" from her upcoming album, Chemistry. In one particular line, Kelly sings, "Sabotage, your choice of art/Who the hell do you think you are?" And, for some reason, "choice of art" sounds exactly like "Troye Sivan." Troye took to TikTok to record a reaction video (which has since received nearly 8 million views) and asked, "What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?" He captioned the video, "@kellyclarkson, drop your location im ready to fight."

Kelly showed the video to her talk show audience and could not stop laughing at the misunderstanding. She said, "Hands down, my favorite thing that's ever happened with releasing a song. I cannot not think of him when I sing this now."

She continued, "To be clear, I did not sing his name. I don't know why it sounds like that, but the line is 'your choice of art.'"

Troye called in to help clear the air. "I'm sorry to be meeting this way with, like, a fight. Because I love you so much and have for so long."

Fans jumped to the comments section to show their appreciation for the interaction.

  • "Easily one of the best moments in KC fandom history 💀"

  • "Protect this new-founded friendship! 🥹🥹🥹"

  • "This is absolutely brilliant I just love it. I love how you have taken the fun and just go along with it you’re a true sport. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰"

  • "This is amazing. Thank you for the belly laughs."

  • "Omg thank you for clarifying because I didn't understand 😂😂😂

We're so glad Kelly and Troye have cleared the air in what has to be our favorite celebrity feud.

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