VIZ Media Classic Anime and Movies Are Now Available for Free Streaming on YouTube

VIZ Media has teamed up with YouTube to bring some of the all-time classic anime and movies available for the streaming platform, all completely free. The list comprises hundreds of episodes from fan-favorite anime series such as the original Sailor Moon, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Inuyasha, and Mr. Osomatsu. The drop also includes anime movies from the aforementioned titles, as well as iconic titles like Mazinger Z, Infini-T Force, TIGER & BUNNY, K, and Accel World.

To make fans’ lives easier, the uploaded episodes have been organized into individual playlists. Do take note that all the newly uploaded titles are provided only with Japanese audio and full English subtitles, and aren’t remastered to adapt to modern aspect ratios.

The playlists are currently available to certain regions. To find out if your region is legible for access, head over to VIZ Media’s Youtube Channel, or official website for more information.

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