I've Visited More Than 50 Countries, But These 10 Specific (And Absolutely Surreal) Experiences Have Stuck With Me Most

Hi! I'm Evie. As a professional travel writer, I've visited more than 50 countries, and I've had too many amazing memories to count. But some specific travel moments and experiences are truly extra special — and stand out among the rest.

Woman sitting at a table about to eat

So while I look toward my next adventure, these are the 10 most incredible travel experiences I've had so far.

1.Swimming with sea lion pups in the Galápagos Islands.

Sea lion underwater

2.Living and skiing out of a van in Japan in the middle of winter.

Man with snowboard in front of a tiny red van

3.Seeing the truly wonderful Iguazú Falls in Argentina.

Iguazú Falls in Argentina.

4.Exploring the wadis and sleeping in the desert in Jordan.

Man on camelback in the desert

5.Experiencing the holy city of Jerusalem.

Dome of the Rock building in Jerusalem

6.Traveling alone to the Azores and seeing whales up close.

Dolphins jumping out of the water

7.Hot spring hopping through the rain forest in Dominica.

Small hot spring pool in the rocks

8.Eating outrageously good falafel on the street in Lebanon.

Board showing a restaurant's menu

9.Surfing on a beach in the middle of bustling Hong Kong.

Beach with umbrellas and sunbathers

10.Studying yoga in India.

Wide open river in the hills

What travel experiences can you not get out of your head? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.