'Virgin River' Stars Take on Hilarious Tortilla Challenge on Instagram

The actors joined in on a silly challenge making the rounds on social media.

It looks like the stars of Virgin River are having a lot of fun on set filming the upcoming Season 5, as prominent cast members Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson shared some of the silliness they got up to during breaks. 

Breckenridge posted a video on her Instagram of the two, who play Melinda Monroe and Jack Sheridan in the hit Netflix series, trying out the viral tortilla challenge that started on TikTok recently.

When you hear the words "tortilla challenge," you probably don't know what to expect, but it's mainly a "try-not-to-laugh" challenge, as two people fill their mouths with water before slapping each other with tortillas in an attempt to not be the first to spit out their water.

Breckenridge and Henderson took the challenge very seriously, though it didn't take long for a winner to be declared.

After they were ready to go with water in their mouths, Breckenridge started to grin before she even swung her arm to hit Henderson with the tortilla.

She barely hit him, but apparently, that was enough to unleash the giggles as Breckenridge quickly spit out her water, laughing, and Henderson claimed victory. 

Breckenridge captioned the video, "Jack and Mel tortilla challenge."

Cast member Mark Ghanimé, who plays Dr. Cameron Hayek in Virgin River, commented on the video, "That was easy 😂."

A fan replied to Ghanimé, asking if he would take on Henderson next, leading him to joke, "dunno, Martin was a tortilla slap champion back in NZ, I think. Probably. Maybe."

Marco Grazzini, or Mike Valenzuela in Virgin River, supported this idea, writing, "This needs to be a VR tournament!"

Kai Bradbury, who plays Denny Cutler in the show, also left a comment, simply writing, "OMGGGG."

Fans got a massive kick out of the video, commenting things like "I cannot believe this! ❤️❤️😂😂 you two really are the best," and "I love you guys!!!❤️❤️."

Who knows, maybe we'll see more of the cast taking on the tortilla challenge soon.

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