'Virgin River' Fans Are Demanding Answers After the Season 4 Finale

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Oh, Virgin River. No other show packs as much drama, intrigue, and romance into one season as the Netflix hit. Season 4 premiered on July 20 with 12 bingeworthy episodes. If you've already made it through the new season (we have!), you're likely wondering when the next installment will debut.

The good news is there is more Virgin River to come! The show is based on a series of 21 novels by Robyn Carr (with #22 coming out in October!), so we're hoping that means it won't end any time soon. But when will we see more of Jack, Mel, Preacher, Hope, Doc, and the rest of the crew?

[SPOILER ALERT] If you haven't finished season 4, turn back now!

What happened at the end of season 4?

So, so much. It's understandable if you need a recap! As season 4 wraps up, Paige and Christopher return, and Preacher has to rescue Paige from Vince, who is holding her at gunpoint. Charges against Brady are dropped after new evidence proves his innocence. The whole town gives Ricky an emotional sendoff as he leaves to join the Marines. Doc's long-lost grandson Denny finally explains his suspicious behavior by confessing that he has Huntington's disease. New doctor Cameron quits after things get awkward with Mel. But then Mel tells Doc that she will resign instead to focus on her health. Mel and Jack get engaged, and they find out that Jack is the father of Mel's baby, putting an end to the custody dispute with Mark's mother. And for one final bombshell, Charmaine, in the middle of a medical emergency, tells Jack and Mel that Jack is not the father of her twins. WHAT?!?

Will there be a season 5 of Virgin River?

Netflix confirmed on September 20, 2021, that the show will return for season 4 and season 5. That's good news for fans who binge-watched season 4 and cannot wait for more. The show's official Instagram account posted a cute behind-the-scenes photo of Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge, with the caption, "How’s everyone liking Season 4 so far?!?" Fans left comments like, "In need of season 5 yesterday 😂," "Love it but I'm so mad at the ending! Season 5 needs to come faster haha," and "I'm not ok! I need season 5 NOW 😬😬😬."

When is the season 5 release date?

It's too soon to say! But, Martin Henderson, who stars as Jack, revealed on July 19 that filming for the new season was underway. Both season 3 and season 4 premiered in July, so we're thinking it might be a year before season 5 begins.

Will the entire cast return for season 5?

Not sure yet! Mark Ghanimé, who joined the cast in season 4 as Dr. Cameron Hayek, shared a screenshot of a meeting for the season 5 read-through, and it looks like all the major stars are in attendance.

Is there a trailer for season 5?

Not yet, but stay tuned for more! In an interview with Glamour, new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith admits that not even he knows when the show will return. He says, “I haven't heard anything. I couldn't even speculate being the new guy.”

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