Virgil Abloh’s Ikea chair is being auctioned off to support the Black Lives Matter movement

Jamé Jackson

Virgil Abloh and a handful of other artists and designers have joined together in an auction to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Held by Design Yard Sale to raise money for various organizations that support the fight against racism, the auction will feature a few items from the designers. Virgil will be offering a custom ‘MARKERAD’ chair, originally from his collaboration with Ikea, which will have the signature black marker style with both Virgil and the winner’s name signed on it.

<em>Courtesy of Virgil Abloh</em>
Courtesy of Virgil Abloh

According to HypeBeast, other participating designers and creatives include Benjamin Edgar Gott, Jerome Byron, Snarkiteture, Jeffrey Halstead, and Oana Stanescu and Dong Ping Wong.

“The active effort against racism has to be continuously sustained in different forms, on different fronts,” said Stanescu. “DYS’s contribution of all proceeds to the Bail Project and Colloquate is a direct way to both support these impactful organizations, as well as spread the importance of their anti-racist mission. It is telling in many ways that such immediate actions in the architecture field come from and are organized by students and I hope this initiative is just the beginning.”

Virgil has had an interesting few months, first receiving major backlash for posting an IG story showing he donated $50 to a Miami art collective called Fempower to help with the legal expenses of arrested protestors. Most recently, he’s also been dragged by the internet for his sanctioned artwork for rapper Pop Smoke’s album cover.

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