Viral Video of Cat Waking Up Mom at 4:00am Is Just Precious

All cat parents will totally relate to this.

We love our cats, but they are known to cause some disturbances in the middle of the night. While you're sleeping, they will chase each other around the house, knock things off the counter, and sometimes, climb all over you while you're sleeping, just like this cat did to his mom in the middle of the night.

TikTok user @kittycat_lam recently shared a video of a funny moment that happened at 4:00am. In the video, this cat mom is fast asleep until one of her cats makes an appearance and wiggles himself into her arms, waking her up. Check out the video to see this adorable moment for yourself!

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Awww, this is so sweet! We know we would have been a little annoyed to have been woken up, but those kitty cuddles would quickly fix that. What a display of true love between this cat and his owner.

People in the comments thought this was just too cute. @2010ginted said, "This IS the MOST adorable thing I’ve ever had the luck to witness! Thank you! Your boy is just so sweet! I hope he purred." Another user, @himeika00, commented, "Aww look how polite he is!" This kitty is just precious!

Others shared similar experiences with their cats. @weightlifter03 commented, "My cat does this every single night. She has to be the little spoon and under the blankets. Gotta love them!" Another user, @ginamarieapple, said, "My cat sleeps on my pillow and kisses my forehead during the night. If I move, he moves. I often have a paw on my shoulder. Purring sounds all night." This sounds like the ideal way to sleep!

Our cats might be needy, but we love to give them attention. This video was the perfect example of how cat owners don't mind the clingy behavior from our kitties because it produces lovely moments like this one.

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