Viral gymnast Katelyn Ohashi wants to be on 'Dancing With the Stars'

On Wednesday night, Katelyn Ohashi sat in front of a room of hundreds of some of the most powerful people in the tech, business, finance and entertainment industries. The 21-year-old is a senior in college and is about to graduate from UCLA. So what did she tell the audience are her career expirations?

“Because I’m writing a lot of poetry and I love to write in general there’s a couple works in progress,” she hinted at her future plans at the 2019 MAKERS conference. “And then on top of that I would really love to go out to The Players’ Tribune and intern for the summer.”

But her flashiest goal? “Maybe potentially Dancing With the Stars.” Hear that, Bruno?

That’s not all, though. She said, “Eventually I would love to do a lot of work with domestic violence because that’s something I’m super passionate about.”

Watch out, world!