This viral product removed 5-year-old paint from my floors: 'A godsend on scuff marks and scribbles'

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One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is how the most random products end up going viral on TikTok. From eco-friendly dishcloths to LED lights, you truly never know what items Gen Z will unexpectedly sell out next. Right now, it’s pink stuff.

No, seriously. This product is actually called The Pink Stuff.

The Pink Stuff by Stardrops recently went incredibly viral on TikTok, with users saying the product is tough on all sorts of hard-to-clean areas. Videos of the product in action are undeniably impressive. So impressive, in fact, that I bought into the TikTok hype like a true teen wannabe.

And let me tell you, this “stuff” is pretty stellar.

The texture of The Pink Stuff is gritty, which creates a sort of sanding paste that buffs and cleans. To use the “stuff,” you need a damp cloth to help rub in and activate the paste. Buffing the paste in a circular motion leads to a soft foaming action that helps pick up gunk, while the gritty particles act as a soft, non-abrasive sanding. Wiping off the product with water intensifies the soapy nature of the paste, giving the area a good clean after you’ve scrubbed.

After a few minutes and a bit of elbow grease, you have a sparkling surface.

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Credit: Amazon

I tested the product on several surfaces in my apartment that needed a good scrubbing, including portions of my apartment’s wooden floors, which featured several paint strokes left behind by the previous tenant’s children. I’ve tried for five years to tackle the paint with countless cleaning products, but nothing quite did the trick. After a two-minute buff with The Pink Stuff using a damp cloth, the paint was a thing of the past — and the product didn’t damage my floors in the process.

Before and after photos of my paint-streaked floor. Credit: Katie Dupere for In The Know
Before and after photos of my paint-streaked floor. Credit: Katie Dupere for In The Know

I also tackled the hallway leading up to my apartment, which had been scratched and marked since I moved in five years ago. To remove the scuffing and scraping, I applied about a quarter-sized dollop of the product to a damp cloth and started to buff the blemishes away.

After just a few minutes of scrubbing in circles, the difference was stark. I’ve never seen my hallway walls this pristine, which left me immediately impressed.

Before and after photos of my scuffed hallway wall. Credit: Katie Dupere for In The Know
Before and after photos of my scuffed hallway wall. Credit: Katie Dupere for In The Know

Though The Pink Stuff was a godsend on scuff marks and children’s scribbles, it isn’t a miracle worker for all tough surfaces. Notably, the product didn’t clean burnt-on grease from the bottom of my pans or the inside of my oven. For that, I will still have to rely on an abrasive steel wool sponge to do the dirty work.

At $20 on Amazon, The Pink Stuff isn’t the most affordable cleaning product on the market — but, like many viral products, it does seem to be experiencing a temporary upcharge due to its viral popularity.

With these shortcomings accounted for, this pink paste will still definitely have a place in my cleaning cabinet. Think of it as cleaning deeper than your general spray cleaner, but being gentler than your harsh scrubber. It’s the “just right” in between your scuffed surfaces have been waiting for.

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