A Vintage Dress Leads to the Mysterious Origins of a Hit Song in Hallmark's' 'A Nashville Legacy'

A doctoral candidate delves into the secret history of a hit song which may or may not have repercussions in tight-knit music community.

Hallmark Channel launched the Mahogany brand of films in 2022 to add more diversity to their already-stellar lineup of fan-favorite movies. Named after the greeting card brand's popular African American card line, Mahogany debuted with Unthinkably Good Things starring Karen Pittman, Erica Ash and Joyful Drake. They add to their Mahogany lineup with a new movie, A Nashville Legacy.

Here's everything we know about A Nashville Legacy including a Parade.com exclusive sneak peek!

What is A Nashville Legacy about?

A Nashville Legacy is an endearing movie that not only has some great music in it but also gives a little bit of a history lesson in African American music. Listen for an original song by The Shindellas in the movie.

In A Nashville Legacy, Naima (Andrea Lewis), who got her love of music from her late grandmother, moves to Nashville to intern at a prestigious museum, while pursuing her doctorate in ethnomusicology. At the museum, she meets Damian (Pooch Hall), a volunteer and music producer and feels immediate chemistry, but she's focused on her work and finding a subject for her dissertation. Luckily, as she is looking into the backstory of some donated items, a beautiful vintage dress leads Naima to uncovering a mystery surrounding a classic hit and the perfect dissertation focus. As Naima and Damian develop a friendship, he works with her to investigate the secret surrounding the dress but they soon find that the truth hits closer to home than either of them realized. The secret, which just might involve a prominent music producer, also threatens to make waves in the local community and in Naima and Damian’s budding romance. With her romance and new job at risk, Naima must decide if she will keep the decades long secret or finally let the truth come to light.

Meet the cast of A Nashville Legacy

Andrea Lewis (Naima)

Pooch Hall (Damian)

Where was A Nashville Legacy filmed?

A Nashville Legacy was filmed on location at the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, Tennessee.

Are there any original songs in A Nashville Legacy?

Yes! The Shindellas sing an original song for the movie.

Are there any cameos in A Nashville Legacy?

Yes! Look for cameos from Curt Chambers and Ruben Studdard.

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When does A Nashville Legacy premiere?

A Nashville Legacy premieres on Sunday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. ET on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

When can I watch A Nashville Legacy again?

Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET
Sunday, Mar. 5 at 3 p.m. ET
Thursday, Mar. 9 at 9 p.m. ET

Does Parade.com have a sneak peek of A Nashville Legacy?

We sure do! Check out this Parade.com exclusive sneak peek of A Nashville Legacy.

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