Video of Woman Helping Egg-Bound Chicken Is Touching Hearts

How sweet is this?

We've never owned chickens before, but thanks to TikTok user @maddywisecup, we have a pretty good sense of what it entails. Her account is filled with videos about the chickens and the different chores you have to do. One of her most recent videos caught our attention, as it did with the 7 million others who watched. 

She was going about her day, performing her normal chicken duties when she noticed one of the chickens was acting off. The poor chicken was showing signs of being egg-bound and needed help laying her egg. Watch what this TikToker does to help this sweet chickie. 

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Aww! We never knew chickens loved spa days. Well, who doesn't? LOL! You can see the relaxation coming over this chicken during her bath. It was clearly very much needed! "Am I a farmer or do I have anything to do with farm animals? No. But now I'm invested in the chicken and her egg something or other," wrote @leahs_landd. That's exactly how we feel! This TikToker got us all worrying about this chicken!

"This was super helpful for this new chicken mama!! Thank you for posting!!" said @sonnyinmn. We're not even chicken parents and we thought this was so informative! We love all the content she posts. "You're a good mama taking care of that chickie!!!" added @bowserlover1. That she is!

Also, we can't forget to mention her husband's reaction. LOL! He didn't even notice for the longest. time. Pretty typical of men if you ask us! @montethesingingdonkey commented, "Can relate to the partner being unfazed by chickens in the kitchen. Sending good vibes for the egg passing safely!" 


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