Video of Sleepy Mama Koala Cuddling Her Baby Is Full of So Much Love

Koala mamas are some of the sweetest, most nurturing and caring moms in the animal kingdom. They cuddle their Joeys and feed them (more on um, this food later) and play with them and the video footage of this is all too adorable. That is until the baby Koalas reach about 11 months of age and the moms get really serious about cutting those koala apron strings.

The TikTok account for @ausgeo posted the following adorable video of this fleeting time between a mom and her baby. Just try not to yawn while watching it!

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This is just the sweetest, most precious video and we hope this baby Joey holds this memory close to their heart because Koala moms seriously DGAF when it's time for them babies to stop being babies.

Adult koalas are solitary animals and when a baby reaches about one year old age mom starts behaving aggressively awards them until the Joey gets the hint and leaves mom to go live on its own in the wild. Female koalas usually hang out in the same general areas as their moms, but boy koalas usually disperse.

Oh, and about mama Koalas feeding their babies? Sometimes they feed their babies poop. The eating of feces or dung is known as coprophagia, which “helps animals acquire the necessary gut microbe to digest a complex and more varied diet,” according to a 2020 review. For koalas, this practice can help them adjust to new habitats with different species of eucalyptus plants, which are their main food source.

You can pull out this little factoid the next time your own kid complains when you tell them to finish their dinner.

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