Video Showing Pet Bearded Dragon's Trust in Her Mom Is Bringing People to Tears

TikTok user @artemis_the_red_dragon is currently mourning the loss of her Bearded Dragon. We understand her pain as having your bestie cross over the rainbow bridge is one of the hardest things one has to go through in life. And like we've done before, she can't help but look at videos and photos to remember this precious Bearded Dragon.

In this clip, which brought in over 3.3 million views, she was helping her Bearded Dragon during the shedding process. The way this beautiful baby learned to trust her mom is something else. Grab a tissue for this clip!

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Ugh, our hearts go out to this TikToker as she's mourning the loss of her beautiful Bearded Dragon. We hope as she looks back on these special moments she always remembers the special bond she was able to create for her baby.

"The trust she had with you is so amazing. What a beautiful bond," commented @beepboopbeardies. Right?! The amount of trust that shines through this video is something else. We don't even have that must trust when we get haircuts. LOL! We know it's such a difficult time, but at least she knows she was able to give this Bearded Dragon a wonderful life full of love and trust.

Another TikToker, @pudrichu, wrote what we all want to say. It reads, "I'm so sorry for your loss. You were a great owner and gave her the best life you could. Rest in peace." Exactly! As hard as it is right now, it will get a little easier day by day. Sending our condolences to this mama!

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