Video Showing the Day in the Life of a 'College Dog' Is Capturing Everyone's Hearts

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He's getting the full campus experience!

You may think of college life as all parties and homework, but Koda the Golden Retriever is here to change your mind. His days, at least, are filled with naps and kibble dinners! 

Koda is one of five Golden Retrievers in the @wildheartsgoldens family, but he's the only one living on campus. Luckily, his mama is more than prepared for his wild college days, and his accommodations are just as nice as hers! Check out this sweet video of a day in the life of Koda the college dog:

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What a good boy! Coming home from class to a sweet face like Koda's must be so nice--especially during midterms and finals! We know we aren't the only ones jealous that this guy gets to tag along with his favorite person.

"Awwh lucky to have your fur baby with you," commented @amymccarthy10. Right? We wish we all could bring our pets along, but, as Koda's mom replied to @yatertotter, he gets to live in her dorm because "He is an ESA!" Emotional Service Animals don't have all of the rights that medical and psychiatric service animals do, but ESAs are allowed in dorms, airports, and may even be exempt from pet restrictions.

If you ask us, though, the emotional service seems to go both ways! Commenter @zfreerhessler loved, "His smile at the end 🥰," and so do we. He is one happy boy, without a doubt. And why wouldn't he be? We agree wholeheartedly with @traveler_20, who wrote, "You’re dog has a nice life." Nice? It's amazing! From his thrice daily snuggles (at least) to his personal elevator service on and off the bed, Koda is one lucky dog!