Video of Shelter Dogs Getting Chicken Nugget Treats Is So Full of Joy

Indulging in a little snacky snack is a pleasure we can all relate to, but when it comes to shelter dogs eagerly awaiting their forever homes, the joy that radiates from their faces as they chow down on a chicken nugget is ridiculously cute.

The TikTok account for @Carlalanerescue recently shared a clip of these precious pups enjoying their Golden Arches morsel and it's simply priceless.

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Man, it really is the little things, isn't it? Shelter life is so hard on dogs! In the shelter, these dogs have faced sleeping in a strange place, with unfamiliar sounds and smells, other numerous challenges, uncertain beginnings, and the longing for a loving family to call their own. It's no wonder that a simple gesture of giving them a nugget brings them so much joy. Shelter workers are so wonderful when they do these things just to brighten these dog's days. It's a small thing, but you can tell it means the world to these dogs waiting for a family to call their own.

TikTok users agree, and @Emma comments, "Their eyes light up so much when they see the nugget!" @Dejavu says, "That's why 20 nugget share boxes we're invented!"@Sabrina responds, "Oh my gosh I am crying! My heart! This just makes me so happy!" @Izzy adds, "I wanna adopt all of them."

If you agree with Izzy above and you live in Liverpool, you can find more information about these shelter dogs, or information about volunteering or making a donation here. If you live in the states, contact your local shelter or humane society to inquire about adopting your own little McDonald's going buddy!

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