Video of Rescued Mule Getting His First Hug Is So Emotional

He's safe and sound with his new caretakers.

Every living being needs love and care in their lives, and to live a life without it is barely living at all. Unfortunately, there are some animals who never receive this gentleness and compassion from their owners before they die. One group is doing their part to help animals in these situations.

Colby's Crew Rescue is a nonprofit horse rescue and rehabilitation organization. On their TikTok, @ohkaytacos, they recently shared a video of one of their latest new residents: Mickey the Mule. Mickey lived his whole life as a work mule and was sent to be slaughtered when he couldn't work anymore. Luckily he was saved and will finally receive the love, care, and compassion he has been missing. Check out this emotional video below to see Mickey get his first hug from the good people at the rescue.

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Oh my goodness, we feel so sorry for the way Mickey was treated by his previous owners, but we are so glad he was rescued by this wonderful group! We can tell he desperately needed that hug. There's plenty more where that came from!

People in the comments are amazed at the size and beauty of this mule. @wolfnamedloke said, "That is the biggest most beautiful mule I’ve ever seen," and @arwen_jane commented, "People are hateful, he is beautiful. Love you Mickey—congratulations on your new, loving home!" Mickey is the most amazing mule we have ever seen!

Others could see how relieved Mickey was when he melted into that hug. @karealot commented, "This was such a beautiful moment. He just laid his head on her, and he knew he was safe and loved," and @stephaniess101 said, "He looks so sad but so relieved at the same time. I'm glad he’s getting the love he deserves." Mickey has these hugs to look forward to for the rest of his life.

This rescue is doing amazing work for the horses and mules in need of help, and their hugs will help many animals recover from the trauma of their previous lives. We wish we lived near the rescue so we could volunteer to give out hugs of our own!

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