Video of Rescue Chickens Getting Their First Taste of Being Outside Is So Moving

·2 min read

They can finally lead safe, happy lives.

Watching animals live their best lives is so rewarding, especially for the people who make it happen for them. Farmer and podcaster @backtoearthcharlie gets to experience this every day as she nurses her rescue chickens back to health. The poor egg-laying hens had been kept in small battery cages and were in awful conditions when they arrived at her farm, but it's truly inspiring to see how far they've already come since then. 

Though the chickens aren't fully healed yet, both their feathers and their personalities are starting to return. It's such a beautiful thing to witness! 

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Aww, it's so touching to see the hens enjoying the sunshine and dirt, especially considering all they've been through already. It's hard to believe that was only their first time outside!

"Heartbreaking to imagine the lives they have lived so far," agreed commenter @bizabt. "And so heartwarming to think of what their future is now 🥰." You've captured our feelings exactly! We are simultaneously so sad and so overjoyed-- a contradiction we're sure @backtoearthcharlie knows well.

Of course, tons of viewers liked @theyounglings11's comment or expressed gratitude of their own. They wrote, "Thank you so much for rescuing them and looking after them." The generosity doesn't go unnoticed! 

"I took 25 of these battery hens and it took about 4 months for a complete transformation into healthy daily laying hens," @the.artful.splodger explained. "And they are soo friendly too." We love to hear that! It will be even more special in a few months when Charlie and her hens can tell a similar story.

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