Video of Rare 'German Shepherd-Corgi Mix' Has People Blown Away

This pup is absolutely adorable.

When it comes to mixed-breed dogs, a lot of people think of poodle, retriever, or even husky combinations. These are certainly some of the most popular mixes you're bound to see out in the world, but they're not the only ones. Have you ever seen any corgi mixed breeds? 

These low-rider dogs are notorious for their floofy butts and curious personality, so it's safe to say that any corgi mixed breed will be cute AF. Just take a look at this sweet boy, Bear! He's going viral on his TikTok account, @bearbigpawlonngboi, for his unique look, and we totally see why. We've never seen a dog quite like him!

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Can you believe those little legs? And that gorgeous, German shepherd coloring? Bear is one handsome dude!

Needless to say, he's caused quite a stir on TikTok. Unsuspecting viewers were caught off guard by this pup's distinct mix, and they've had a lot to say!

"Corgi mixed with anything = corgi in a disguise," commented @icantguitargood. LMAO--that's so true! Those corgi genes must be strong to give a large breed tiny little legs like Bear's. We can't help but wonder if any of his siblings have longer legs! 

No matter how tall they are, though, it's hard to top a mix as cute as this. Just like @mableandjuniper commented, "that’s a combo I never knew I wanted to see but damn am I glad I did." We think he could bring a smile to anyone's face! 

Believe it or not, there are actually other dog breeds who kind of look like Bear. @Sventheredvallhund is one of these pups! His human commented, "that’s what I get mistaken for all the time, but you are super cute!" That's crazy! And here we thought that this look was oh-so-rare.