Video of Owls Intently Focusing on a Worm Is Going Viral

Their little head bobs are so cute!

Sometimes, when you eat at a new restaurant, you encounter some foods you may not have ever seen before. Moments like this can cause some people to hesitate to eat this new, strange food, and they might do some research before digging in. Two animals had a similar experience when they were served dinner, and they decided to closely observe their food before chowing down.

TikTok user @axelavram recently shared a video of two owls deep in concentration. In the video, these owls are staring at a strange-looking, worm-like creature as it wiggles across the floor. Check out the video to see their hilarious reaction to this intriguing insect!

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LOL, this is too funny! We can totally understand the intense focus because that worm is crazy looking. We love how the owl on the left fully turned his head upside down to get a better look!

People in the comments imagined what these owls might have been thinking. @sujitramurphy1 said, 'There must be so many thoughts running through their mind… "What was that thing?"' Another user, @chadw902101, commented, '"Oh my god, what is that?”' This creature is truly a cause for investigation by these owls!

Others thought their head rotations were hilarious. @therealkingdyl commented, "I can't stop laughing at the upside down head twist," and @alexlamb8 said, "My boy had to go all the way upside down to begin to process this event." That owl needed to assess the situation from every angle!

We think these owls are too funny, and we can't stop watching their heads spin around as they stare at the worm. We wonder if they ever determined if this worm is good enough to eat!

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