Video: Is This the Most Crowded Surf Spot Ever?

When it comes to surfers, the Gold Coast is notoriously crowded.

From Snapper Rocks, to Greenmount, to Kirra, the Superbank is one of the most heavily populated surfing zones in the world. Need proof? Peep the clip below.

The Superbank's been on a cracker recently, and this day in particular (May 16th), as we previously reported, was especially pumping. Bummer because it was just two days after the WSL’s Challenger Series kickoff event wrapped – just another punch in the gut to a so-far mediocre season, as far as conditions go, on surfing’s dream tour.

But, of course, with pumping waves come the crowds – particularly at the Superbank.

The clip above shows just that. Maybe it’s the angle that enhances it, stretching all the way up the point, but still, there’s hardly any room to paddle, let alone catch a wave to oneself.

One commenter on the video pointed out the camera angle potentially augmenting the crowd factor:

“Hard to say. That entire shot covers a distance of, maybe, 2 km, depending where the camera is situated. Someone needs to fly a drone over the entire stretch from down past Kirra out to Snapper, get a count a day like this.”

Another commenter made a different, but interesting point:

“Nah Pipeline is the most crowded! These guys are going for multiple waves, whereas it’s usually the same amount of guys going for one wave at Pipe.”

Whatever the case, it’s absolutely perfect, mesmerizing even. It’s so perfect it looks about as close as an ocean wave can be to manmade wavepool perfection, à la Surf Ranch.

So, it’s hard to blame the hordes of people from wanting a piece of the action.

Snapper Rocks, Australia Stats/Info

Wave Type: Righthand pointbreak

Bottom: Sand

Crowd: Heavy

Skill Level: All types (depending on conditions)

Ideal Swell Direction: ENE, ESE

Equipment: All boards (but shortboard is best when it’s pumping)


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