Video of Maine Coon Cat Giving the Dog a Massage Is Enough to Make Anyone Envious

Where do we sign up for these kind of spa services?

Sometimes you really need a massage. But why shell out the big bucks to pay for a professional masseuse when your cat is willing to break up those knots for free? We're being 100 percent serious, just look at a video shared on TikTok by one person who caught their Maine Coon Cat working their magic on the dog's back. 

The adorable footage was caught by @maine_staffy, who must've been so jealous when they caught their cat giving the pup a massage. Take a look!

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It looks so relaxing! Not to mention the fact that we've never seen two fur-siblings get along as much as these two do. 

The video has since been watched over 300,000 times and people were smitten. "What the going rate for this type of massage? Is it a flat fee or by the hour? Also are the purrs extra cost? Asking for a friend," @gooseonthelabel joked. "The dogs sigh at the very beginning hahah," @steffalicious_ pointed out. "Huge gorgeous paws, the purring and the little noises of contentment," @harmonie137 wrote. "I can watch that for hours. It's soothing to listen to cat purrs and see them knead," @scotterjo chimed in. 

If that video wasn't cute enough, take a look at a second video on the page which shows the pup returning the favor — sort of. 

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Too cute!

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