Video of Labrador's Precious Encounter With Dolphins Is Just Too Good

It's like they were saying hello to each other.

Dogs are very curious and friendly creatures. They like to go on new adventures and are always trying to make friends with whoever or whatever they encounter. One dog embodied these traits recently in an unlikely meeting that's going viral.

TikTok user @thewildlinds recently shared a video of a boat ride with her yellow Labrador Retriever. In the video, this pup is standing at the back of the boat and barking at his new friends: a trio of dolphins! Check out the video to see this amazing encounter for yourself.

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Wow, this is so cool! We love how interested this pup was in the dolphins, and it's so cool that the dolphins were following behind the boat for so long. This seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship among an unusual group!

People in the comments totally think that the pup and the dolphins were playing together. @sbjupin said, "I firmly believe that these dolphins truly believe they are playing with this dog right now. How cool to see!" Another user, @tinasoutherngirl, commented, "The dolphins are definitely playing with the dog." Such a cute moment of cross-species unity!

Others were just amazed at this incredible moment. @susannamantia commented, "Oh my god, what I wouldn't give to be in this moment right now. You got so blessed with this. Wow! You're have this memory for the rest of your life." Similarly, @greygoddess777 said, "Wow! Opportunity of a life time!" This is truly a rare and awesome experience!

We just love how this dog and the dolphins were interacting with each other during this boat ride. While there may be a language barrier between them, they seemed to understand each other just fine! 

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