Video of Huge Bear Contemplating Taking a Swim in Alaska Is a Sight to See

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This gentle giant is impossible to resist.

As the weather starts to turn, so ends our days of jumping feet-first into the pool. It's too cold! Just like a bear that was featured in a video on TikTok. The poor guy was caught debating whether he should take a plunge into the water or if it was just too cold. 

The incredible video was shared by @exploreorg, which claims to be the "Home of the Katmai National Park Bear" camera. In the video, Otis was really unsure if he wants to go for a swim.

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"Otis considers a swim as the autumn weather sets in," the video's onscreen caption reads. "Nope, too cold. Fishing can wait until tomorrow," it states. "It’s okay big guy, you can rest there as long as you want," the video's caption reads.

The video has since been watched over 500,000 times and people were in awe. "I can't get over the sheer enormity of what I'm watching when I see these. It feels so, I don't know, precious? So grateful you share this with us," @moxinthecity wrote. "Look at all of us connecting worldwide, being so gentle to a giant with no clue about us. But the love is real, and how can he not feel it?" @cladams0 added. "This makes me very emotional. He has no idea how much he is loved," @russianminx chimed in. 

Awww, this love is exactly what makes this video so special. Don't worry, big guy! The warm weather will be back soon.

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