Video of Horse Recognizing 'Her Person' Gives Us All the Feels

The bond horses share with humans is so beautiful.

Pets tend to have a certain human they gravitate towards more than others. They have their person. We see that constantly with dogs and cats. But you can't tell us others animals don't have favorites either, especially not after this recent TikTok clip. 

TikTok user @sarahelizabeth4444 posted a video of her walking into a pen filled with dozens of horses. Most of them didn't even notice as they were minding their own business. All except one. This one horse is showing us dogs and cats aren't the only ones who have their special human.

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Aww! This video has fully debunked any doubt that horses can't recognize their person because this horse clearly knew who was walking in the pen. The horse didn't care who he was hanging out with. He immediately left his friends to go over to his human. Does it get any sweeter than that?!

"The sweet baby is like, 'There's my human,'" commented @boymom0528. We wish we had a horse who thought of us as their human! We bet that's the best feeling in the entire world. @bornecountrypatriot.777 added, "Once a bond has formed your horse knows who he belongs to." And we believe that 100% after watching this clip!

Several TikTokers are agreeing in the comment section and they're sharing their experiences with their horses. "Every time I come home he comes whinnying at the gate. They def know," said @kaysways." Aww, they're like big dogs! 

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