Video of Feral 'Male Dominant' Cat Falling in Love With a Female Kitty Is Just Too Sweet

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The two cats are totally inseparable.

Parents seem to always know what's best for their children. That's because they know them better than anyone else. And pet parents are the same exact way. They're so in tune with their fur babies that if something feels off, they're the first ones to fix it. 

That's exactly what happened with TikTok user @kaitlynhoever. She was told by the shelter that her cat wouldn't get along with other cats and he was male dominant. But after a few months of having him home, she knew in her gut something wasn't right. So what she does to cheer him up will melt your heart. 

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Aww, how sweet is this?! We're so glad this cat momma followed her instincts because no one knows a fur baby better than the parent. She knew how sad Hank was and wanted to help. The shelter told her that after feral males are fixed, they're very maternal. So after getting him fixed, she brought home a 18-month-old cat and the two of them have been inseprabable since. SO cute! 

"My heart just exploded," wrote @wildsugarfoot. Uhh, same here! They snuggle with each other and groom each other. This TikToker said Hank barely knows she's there anymore, which is sad but also cute because now he has another cat bestie. "We all need love!" said @WendyHein. Ain't that the truth! 

Another TikTok user, @avivasema, commented, "Ginger cat love story!!!" The best cat love story we ever did see! And as it turns out, several other TikTokers have experienced something similar with their cats. @macbrit0 said, "I had an orange boy like that. No one wanted him cause he was mean. Sweetest cat ever & loved his little calico gf that came along a year after him." See, they all just need some loving and a friend. So happy Hank has found his happy ending with not only a loving home, but another cat bestie!