Video Explaining 'Where Black Kittens Come From' Is So On-Point

In celebration of National Black Cat Day!

Where do black kittens come from? From their mom? From a shelter? From a friend who had a litter of kittens and allowed you to adopt one? WRONG. There's only one correct answer so pull up a chair and get ready to have your mind blown. 

At PetHelpful, we are all about dropping true facts so this video posted by @Lisa.Kieffer  is going to explain to you where exactly black kittens come from so next time someone asks you you'll know the real answer. In honor of National Black Cat Day (October 27) we present to you the following video. Watch and learn. 

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See! The answer is so obvious! They come from Halloween pumpkins! All joking (or Halloween tricks, if you may) aside, every year around this time you see news articles saying pet owners should keep their black cats inside due to people catnapping them for nefarious reasons, but Christa Chadwick, vice president of shelter services at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) told USA Today "Black cats are not in peril on Halloween or any other day of the year," she continued. "While black cats get wrapped up in outdated myths, the truth is that they’re just as sweet and lovable as the next feline."

Black cats are just utterly adorable. You weren't the only person shocked by exactly where they come from! @Stephanie agrees posting, "So THATS how they're born! Spooky kitten!" @Bradleys adds "The truth has come out!!!!!" @Courtney Sechler396 hilariously posts, "One of mine likely came from a pumpkin patch, the other hatched from the depths of hell." Well, that's another option. 

If you have a black cat, consider yourself lucky. And happy National Black Cat Day!

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