Video Explaining Louisiana's Great Crawfish Migration Is Totally Unbelievable

Whenever you think of crawfish you probably think about a delicious seafood boil or the specific ways to crack it open to eat. But did you know these animals actually have a great migration? Neither did we!

TikTok user @louisianacrawfishco shared such an informational video about these crawdads in Louisiana. We have a feeling we're not the only ones who didn't know about this since this clip has over 10 million views. Let us know if you've heard about this before! 

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Woah, this is so cool! This is seriously the first time we're hearing about the great crawfish migration. Or if we have heard of it before, we completely forgot. LOL!  Another reason why we just love TikTok – you learn something new every day. At least we do!

“They are all waving,” commented @taylasmallwood. O.M.G. They totally are! We like to think they're doing what @killtiffa commented. It reads, "Crawfish rave." LOL! We want to be invited to the next party! @scalloppedpotatoes added, "All the crawfish in the field MAKE SOME NOISE." They aren't letting low oxygen keep them down. They're ready to find the next party location.

Another TikToker, @immadisonnn, said, "I want to go there." Honestly, same. The sight might not be as sweet as this video since they placed these crayfish here as a demonstration, but we think it would be really cool to see. @thekpopajumma asked, "Wait...they can walk on land??" LOL! Trust us, we were just as mind blown!

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