Video of Dogs Enjoying a Canoe Ride on the Lake Is the Peace We All Need

We could watch this on repeat for hours.

As animal lovers, we all spoil our pets. We want to give them the best life possible, and we are helpless against their sweet faces and puppy dog eyes. One man is providing his dogs with the kind of stress free and beautiful life we dream of for our dogs in this video you'll love.

TikTok user @outsidedavid recently shared a video of a perfect afternoon with his pups, Hank and Hara. In the video, this user and his two dogs sit in the middle of a lake in a canoe and gently feel the rocking of the waves. Check out the video to see how serene this scene was for yourself!

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Wow, what a lovely moment this man is sharing with his dogs! We're sure those good dogs are very deserving of such a nice day. We wish we could participate and feel some of that peacefulness ourselves!

People in the comments were very happy that these dogs were leading such a lovely life. @sanjasedlak said, "Luckiest dogs in the whole world," and @matchboxsouthwestern commented, "What a beautiful life for those dogs." Dogs are deserving of only the best!

Others shared their jealousy that they weren't present in that moment as well. @javahouse commented, "I would very much like to be a lazy on the lake right now," and @lizbeach22 said, "Heaven right there, and the dogs are so cute!" We would give anything to join in on this canoe ride!

This peaceful moment is the kind of lovely life we wish all of our canine friends. Hopefully, all of our pups can experience a relaxing day like this at some point, but in the meantime, we will spoil them as much as we can!

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