Video of Deer Sweetly Nuzzling a Cat Gives Us All the Feels

What a precious, tender moment.

Interspecies friendships are some of the most special relationships out there-- and Chico and his cat are no exception! This young male deer was orphaned as a fawn and raised by some kindhearted people, so he's no stranger to human (and feline) attention. Still, this special moment between him and the family's Siamese cat is too cute to miss. 

We don't know whether Chico learned to be so gentle from his human parents or if that's just his nature, but there's no doubt how sweet it is. No wonder he has a whole TikTok account: @chicothedeer.

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How cute is this?! We've watched this at least ten times so far, and it hasn't lost its magic one bit. Animals can just be so kind and sweet!

"He is always so sweet and gentle," @kate090447 said about the deer. His mama agreed, "He is! Even when he plays he’s very gentle." We can't help but wonder what that would look like! Even when Chico is just sitting and saying hello to a friend, he is oh-so-cute. His family is so lucky to have him!

Some of the commenters loved this curious kitty just as much as the deer. @Marilynmonroe007 loved "the purring tho," and we'd be lying if we said it didn't get us, too. Honestly, everything about this scene is to die for! Just like @fritzcatandcatfather said, "friends are the bestest!"

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