Video of Cat Comforting New Lamb Who Just Arrived at Rescue Sanctuary Is So Touching

Edgar's Mission is an animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Australia and they recently had one of their residents offer comfort to a new addition to the rescue.

The TikTok account for @Greenbay_uk shared the following precious video of a sweet cat who took over care taking videos of a baby lamb.

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Tabitha is just the sweetest cat ever. We love how she's caring for this baby lamb like it's her baby! TikTok users are absolutely enchanted by this pair and @Daniel comments, "The cat's like "I think one of my stuffies is alive... and I loooooove them." Awwwwww. @Dain adds, "That is the best video I have seen today, what a sweet couple." They really are. @Jess replies, "That little smile on that sweet little lamb." It really does look like that lamb is smiling at his cat-mom. Another user says, "Sanity in a mad, mad world. Just lovely."

Their website explains, "Since Edgar’s Mission began in 2003, thousands of farmed animals have been rescued and given a chance at a life truly worth living. The sanctuary is home to between 350 and 450 formerly farmed animals at any given time."

We can learn a lot from this unlikely duo! It just goes to show that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in visiting the animal sanctuary, or making a donation or even volunteering, you can visit their website here.

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