Video: Big Wave Surfers Paddle Into Massive Bombs at Mullaghmore

Ireland's Mullaghmore Head is like a mystical beast.

The lefthand monster slab pumps out some of the world's gnarliest waves, luring ballsy big wave surfers to its massive, ice-cold tubes.

It's a favorite of cinematographer Tim Bonython, who recently chased another huge swell to Ireland and this time, captured locals dominating the insanely heavy wave.

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Bonython captioned his latest edit above:

"North Western Ireland of Silgo is the small town of Mullaghmore and you would have to say this place when it comes to surf has had a great winter season. This is my second trip to Mullaghmore this winter and it did not disappoint.

"In this edit we have two epic days of paddle surfing. Firstly we see the locals dominate at Mully's and then we venture out to sea to a spot called Prowlers which offered a right hand slab that was firing.

"All up Ireland is a gorgeous place to document, just add some incredible waves and this is what you get. Enjoy."

The video opens with Bonython on his way from Lisbon to Ireland.

Once there, he says to the camera:

"So, I'm on another swell chase. I'm back, couldn't help myself. Back in Ireland, Mullaghmore.

"Another good day of swell. Hopefully, it's going to be really exciting. It's going to be dead offshore. I reckon we got some action to document. Here we go."

From then on it's about 20 minutes of pure surfing of wave-hungry locals charging huge bombs in an air temp of six degrees and water temp of seven degrees.


Press play to watch.


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