Video of Australian Shepherd Helping Owner Who's Locked Out of the House Is Perfection

·2 min read

Talk about luck!

If you've ever accidentally locked yourself out of the house, you know the terrible panic feeling that comes over you. You start to worry and wonder if you left any windows or the back door unlocked. You might get lucky. But one thing is for certain, you won't be as lucky as this TikToker. 

TikTok user @djolsen27 thought he was SOL when he came home to the doors locked. Worry must've set in especially because his Australian Shepherd was inside. But instead, he saw that as an opportunity. He talked through the glass to get his dog to open the door and well, the result is beyond incredible. 

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O.M.G. How in the heck did the dog figure that out!? She truly understood the assignment and popped out the wood stick so the door would slide open. That means only one thing. "ALL THE TREATS!!!" said @user2810591316624. Yes, yes, yes, yes! She deserves all the treats in the world! @granny_wheeler added, "LOL SHES A HERO!!!💕💕." She really is!

"At first she's like, 'The door is here duhhh!!' Then she gets it 😂😂😂😂😂," wrote @plants_001. Hey, she figured it out faster than we would! And the reaction from everyone when she did it was magic. It's like they won the lottery or something. LOL!

@adabwilldoya commented, "She’s so proud of herself ❤️." As she should be! This is seriously so impressive. Not only are the people in the video proud of her, but we're also all SO proud of her. Looks like this TikToker won't have to worry about accidentally leaving the keys inside again! 


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