Victoria's Secret launches its first new bra line with the more inclusive VS Collective: 'Took them a while'

Victoria's Secret Bare Infinity
Victoria's Secret Bare Infinity ad. (Photo: Victoria's Secret)

Victoria’s Secret just launched its first products since its rebrand, and its fans and followers are praising the brand's more inclusive campaign.

In June, the lingerie company retired its supermodel Angels in favor of the VS Collective, who, according to Victoria's Secret, are "an ever-growing group of accomplished women who share a common passion to drive positive change."

Now, members of the VS Collective, which include Paloma Elsesser, Carolyn Murphy, Taylor Hill, Jill Kortleve, Aamito Lagum, Mayowa Nicholas and Devyn Garcia are modeling the brand's first products since its relaunch. Victoria's Secret VS Bare Infinity Flex collection is described by the company as "our first bra that’s designed to fit and flow with you," featuring "adaptive technology" that provides all-day comfort while still allowing your "natural shape to shine through."

Gone is the era of the Bombshell bra, famously worn by supermodels like Adriana Lima, which purported to make wearers appear to be two cup sizes larger than they actually are. Instead, the VS Collective is putting the Bare Infinity Flex collection — which also comes with matching underwear — on models of all shapes, skin colors, and ethnicities.

Followers on Instagram praised the brand for being more inclusive.

"Wow," one person wrote in the comments section. "Took them a while but finally."

Another added, "Love this!!!!! Thick girls."

A third noted, "Looks so comfortable!"

Still, not everyone was totally onboard. One wrote, "Still not all inclusive. This line is only inclusive of women with bigger breast not all body sizes!!!!!! All inclusive would include sizes that go beyond 38 like 40, 42, 44…"

Another added, "If you are all about all inclusive sizing where is sizing for the PETITE GIRLS and women???? You have limited selection for size 30 and online only!!!"

A representative for Victoria's Secret previously told Yahoo Life, "Victoria’s Secret is committed to offering inclusive sizing. Currently, our size range is 30AA to 42DDD (G) and XXS to XXL."

For others, Victoria's Secret rebranding is too little, too late. Gianluca Russo, co-founder of size-inclusive community the Power of Plus, previously criticized the company for "abandoning" its Angels entirely, instead of bringing more inclusive bodies into the fold of the so-called "fantasy" it hoped to perpetuate.

“The issue was never that Victoria's Secret has Victoria's Secret Angels and they have this fashion show, that was never the issue,” she explained. “The issue was that this fashion show never reflected the women who are watching. And so that's what we wanted. We wanted Angels who reflected us, who reflected an inclusive narrative, but rather — rather than expand that to include plus, to include trans, to include diversity — they said, let's retire the fantasy and give you something else."

She also said that plus-size models like Elsesser offered a "palatable" version of larger models, one which has an "hourglass shape, that has no double chin, that has a flat stomach."

While Victoria's Secret may face an uphill climb as it continues to rebrand, it seems at least some of its fans are ready to follow it as it embarks in this new direction.