Victoria Beckham Explains Her 'Fashion Stole My Smile' T-Shirt

The Spice Girl turned designer spoke to *Vanity Fair* about her cheeky T-shirt and new Target line.

By Paul Chi. Photos: Getty Images.

When Victoria Beckham went out in a new statement T-shirt that read "Fashion Stole My Smile," it seemed like a clear tongue-in-cheek nod to her serious public demeanor. Did the new $150 shirt, from her Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, amount to a big in-joke?

Absolutely. “That was me poking fun at myself,” she told Vanity Fair during an afternoon garden party to celebrate the launch of her Target collection in Los Angeles on Saturday. “People are constantly asking me why I don’t take pictures smiling. It’s a bit of fun really and me laughing at myself. This is fashion and it should be fun.”

Since launching her eponymous womenswear line in 2008, Beckham has turned her love of clothes into a fashion empire. Her newest collaboration with Target has given her the opportunity to introduce her high-quality fashion brand to mass consumers. Inspired by her less expensive line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, which features casual, playful, and easy-to-wear attire, the Target capsule has a similar look and is made up of 200 items for women, toddlers, and babies.

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“I’m really proud of this collection. This is the first time I’ve been able to reach women that maybe can’t afford or just don’t want to pay designer prices. So for me to really include everybody is important,” she said. “The clothes are fun, colorful and uplifting. I want to make women feel great.”

Beckham is involved in every aspect of her company and oversees all production and designs herself. Her sharp eye for styling began early on.

“I used to customize the school uniform at lunchtime in the girls’ toilets when I was at school to make it a little more chic and fun,” she revealed. “I have always played around with clothes because I really enjoy dressing myself and dressing other people and seeing how that makes women feel about themselves. I also love it because for me it’s about being very honest, true to myself and giving my customer what I want and what I believe what she wants and empower them.”

Beckham’s highly anticipated Target collection will be available in stores nationwide and online on April 9.

This story originally appeared on Vanity Fair.

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