Vet Shares List of His Favorite Chew Toys for Dogs

If your dog is a chewer, you won't want to miss this video that veterinarian Adam Christman shared on Saturday, March 23rd. The doc is in a pet store perusing the aisles for pet chews that he finds acceptable for all dogs.

In the video, he shares each different chew toy and the reasons why he likes them. For instance, the first one he approves of is a Nylabone. These rubber chews have a bit of flavor to them and are less likely to crack your pooch's teeth. He goes over four more toys before he broaches the subject of giving your dog raw hides, bully sticks, and bones. Watch until the end for his take on the more controversial chews.

What do you think? Do you agree with them? Does your dog have any of the chews Dr. Christman recommended? We have a puppy who is about 14 weeks old, and she wants to chew on everything. After watching this video, I ended up ordering her the Starmark Everlasting Bento Ball on Amazon. I know she's going to love it! Commenter Courtney asked a great question, "Any suggestions for toys for blind dogs? Looking for a ball that makes noise to play ball outside. She does ok in the house with a heavy ball that makes noise when it bounces on the floor. Thx!" and the Doc responded, "Yes! @playologypets!"

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The Importance of Chewing

Dogs need to be able to chew because it's one of their natural instincts, so it's important to let them chew on the right things and not the couch, shoes, or anything else they're not supposed to. Chewing helps puppies explore their world and can also relieve pain in teething puppies. For all dogs, chewing exercises their jaw muscles and helps clean their teeth and support their dental health. It's also a boredom buster and provides mental stimulation. For anxious or frustrated dogs, it gives them something enjoyable to do to relieve stress.

There are so many different options out there when it comes to chews and treats. Believe it or not, you probably have some right in your refrigerator or garden! Carrots are a vet favorite because the rough and fibrous texture of carrots scrubs your dog's teeth the same way dry dog foods do. Other fruits and veggies that are pup safe include cucumber, celery, apples and watermelon (all deseeded). Feed your pooch all of these in moderation; some of them are high in sugar and can cause your dog to gain weight.

While there are several fruits and veggies you can treat your dog with, there are also some they you should never feed them, like onions, tomato stems and leaves, and grapes and raisins to name a few.

If you're not sure if your pet can have a food item, make sure to place a quick call to your vet before giving it to them. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to giving your dog human foods - it could literally save your dog's life!

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