All the Very Good Shoes From the Gossip Girl Reboot Are Available on Amazon

Tara Gonzalez
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You Can Buy Gossip Girl Reboot Shoes on Amazon
You Can Buy Gossip Girl Reboot Shoes on Amazon

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Gossip Girl was my bible for a long time. It's one of the only shows I've rewatched over and over again, and I can confirm it still feels new every time. Gossip Girl is the only way to explain my extreme headband obsession from high school, and I still have items in my closet I was convinced to buy because Serena Van Der Woodsen wore them. I can vividly remember any day from 2007 through 2012 just by recalling what Gossip Girl episode aired. Typically, my extreme love for this show would make me a skeptic of the HBO reboot that's set to come out this year — but I'll admit, I'm actually excited.

The most obvious reason to get excited for the reboot is that it's new content to consume while locked up at home. But on a more personal level as a native New Yorker, I have an extreme soft spot for anything set in New York City. And like pretty much everyone on the internet, I'm excited to see this version feature all of the diversity the original series was sorely lacking. And who doesn't want to see some messy Gossip Girl drama coupled with the even more messy intricacies of Twitter and Instagram? Not to mention, I'm already extremely excited about the fashion. Most notably, the shoes.

When I saw the first photos that leaked from the new Gossip Girl set, I zero'ed in on the character Justine Calloway's Schutz shoes. I just felt the intense urge to own them, which was very reminiscent of the fuzzy feeling I felt in my heart when I saw a pair of knee-high gray suede boots on Serena in season one over ten years ago. I scanned so many websites to find the exact pair, dragged my mom to Bloomingdale's on 59th street to buy them, and wore those boots to death in high school. The fact that these Schutz shoes gave me the same exact feeling is enough to sell me on the show. And of course, I bought myself a pair.

Schutz Abbey Black Boots

Shop now: $167;

The difference between my impulse Gossip Girl knee-high boot purchases was that the pair by Schutz were way less expensive, at just $166, and available with free shipping on Amazon. Clearly the Gossip Girl influence is still as powerful as ever since the Schutz Abbey boot in Calloway's exact vanilla-yellow colorway sold out immediately. Thankfully, the tall easy-to-walk in kitten heel boot is still available in both black and brown. There's also a higher-heeled Maryana option for $238. Xoxo.

After excitedly buying the Schutz boot, I started scanning the latest crowd of Upper East Siders on the show and noticed a trend. The character of Luna La was wearing a pair of platform loafers I assumed were Gucci — until I realized they were actually by Sam Edelman, cost just $150, and yes, were also available on Amazon. The character of Zoya Lott, though, was spotted wearing the most relatable shoes of them all: Dr. Marten Jadon boots and Adidas superstar sneakers.

Considering the reboot aims to be a more modern take, it makes sense that a girl like Calloway would style her Schutz boots with a vintage red Fendi Zucca I can only assume she scored on The Real Real. And while I'm sure this new Gossip Girl will surely be coming for my wallet, it's refreshing to know at least some of the clothing won't break the bank. Just don't tell Blair Waldorf.

Shop shoes from the Gossip Girl reboot on Amazon, below.

Schutz Abbey Black Boots

Shop now: $167;

Schutz Abbey Brown Boots

Shop now: $167;

Schutz Maryana Under the Knee Dress Boot

Shop now: $238;

Sam Edelman Aretha Pump

Shop now: $150;

Sam Edelman Ivory Aretha Pump

Shop now: $150;

Dr. Marten Jadon 8-Eye Boot

Shop now: $180;

Adidas Superstar Bold Shoes Sneaker

Shop now: $89;

Adidas Original Superstar Shoe

Shop now: $68 (Originally $80);