I’ve Spent So Much Money on Luxury Face Powders, but This $4 Option Blurs and Mattifies My Skin Like No Other

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It's the only one that tames my excessively oily skin.



It can sometimes feel like your skin is conspiring against you, and mine definitely wakes up every day and chooses chaos in the form of excessive oil production. It’s been an uphill battle that has made for a  quite torrid relationship with face powders.

I’m convinced I have tried them all at this point, and even more convinced that my oiliness simply refuses to be tamed by any of them in protest. It’s pretty jarring to think about just how much money I’ve spent on face powders, and even more to know that the one that eventually won me over is only $4.

Rimmel is a staple drugstore brand, and the Stay Matte Powder has been around for well over a decade, amassing over 27,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.. My teenage self actually relied on it thanks  to the affordable price point, but I eventually stopped using it — not because there was anything wrong — but because I was makeup-obsessed and wanted to try as many powders as possible. So I figured, instead of dropping $30 on that powder I’ve been eyeing at Sephora, why not give it another try? A few months later, I’ve already hit pan.



Shop now: $4 (Originally $5); amazon.com

The Stay Matte Powder doesn’t make any bold, outrageous claims. Its only promise is to keep you matte. Not only does this powder keep oiliness at bay, but it also sets my makeup and does so while feeling completely weightless on my skin. So many mattifying powders I’ve tried look cakey the second I press them onto my skin, but this simply sets my foundation and removes shine without adding another visible layer. Its lightweight feel also makes this great for touching up — it never shifts or separates my makeup. It feels like a blotting sheet in powder form only with longerlasting effects.

This powder has fought its hardest to keep my oiliness in check, and it’s honestly fared pretty well. Now, don’t get me wrong — my skin is pretty extreme, so I will admit I do still get a little shiny, but that doesn’t happen for at least six hours as opposed to my face previously greasing up before I even step out of the house.

While the Stay Matte Powder doesn’t claim to, it blurs out my skin for an airbrushed finish, minimizing the appearance of my pores. It’s safe to say, I already have a backup secured — and at this price point, you should, too.

Shop the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder at Amazon for $4. There are plenty of luxury beauty products to lust after, but your face powder doesn’t have to be one of them.

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