Vanessa Lachey Is Being Criticized For Repeatedly Asking "Love Is Blind" Cast Members About Babies

You may have noticed that during the Love Is Blind reunion, the topic of having a baby was brought up by cohost Vanessa Lachey. After all, she brought it up many...

Nick and Vanessa Lachey with caption, "And I am hoping, holy cow, for the first Love Is Blind baby"


Nick and Vanessa Lachey with the caption of Vanessa saying, "Who's gonna give me our first Love Is Blind baby"

...many times.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey with caption, "What are you guys thinking on the baby timeline?"

To the point where Brett brought it up.

Tiffany and Brett with caption, "I was like, 'Jesus, y'all really put the baby pressure"

In fact, it reached the point where some folks began to criticize the way Vanessa approached the topic on the show.

The thing is, as people on Reddit pointed out, some of the contestants may have had fertility issues but didn't want to discuss it publicly. The repetition of the questioning may have brought up some challenging emotions — we don't know.

It also feels outdated to pressure couples into having a baby immediately after they get married — and that's not even factoring in the fact that these people have only been together a year.

After all, maybe some of these couples don't even want to have kids — which is fine! The idea that a couple needs to have a baby in order to have a successful marriage is also wildly outdated.

A quick note on the Bartise of it all. At the end of the show, Bartise and his baby were brought out — to which Vanessa said, "If that doesn't make your ovaries burn." Bartise was someone who, back on his season, happily took an anti-abortion stance — although he's since said that he's changed his mind. Given how widely covered that moment with him was, it certainly leaves an...interesting aftertaste, considering everything that was discussed.

Bartise holding his baby with caption, "What is going on, y'all? This is Bartise from Season 3"

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