Vanessa Hudgens Totally Brushed Past Her Ex Austin Butler at the Vanity Fair After-Party

Vanessa Hudgens Totally Brushed Past Her Ex Austin Butler at the Vanity Fair After-Party

Last night, Vanessa Hudgens hosted Countdown to the Oscars on ABC along with Lilly Singh and Ashley Graham, which we all thought meant there would be a preeeeetty good chance of her coming face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend Austin Butler on the red carpet. And although that exact prediction on our 2023 Oscars bingo card didn’t come true at the ceremony itself, it kinda sorta did at the Vanity Fair after-party! Look at the run-in right this way and bear witness to Austin and fellow actor Sharon Stone stopping and acknowledging fans screaming the Elvis lead’s name right as Vanessa walks by them without even making eye contact.

Also, let the record show that this is what V looked like during the star-studded affair:

vanessa hudgens at the 2023 vanity fair oscar party
Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Like, if only we could all look this good when randomly running into an ex.

Quick history lesson on these two. They broke up in 2020 after almost a decade of dating…and after Vanessa had manifested the role of Elvis for Austin. Like, she specifically told Ryan Seacrest, “It’s so crazy because last December, we were driving along and we were listening to Christmas music and then an Elvis Presley Christmas song came on. He [Austin] had just dyed his hair dark—he’s a natural-blonde blonde—and I was looking at him and he was singing along and I was like, ‘Babe, you need to play Elvis. I don’t know how, but I’m serious. You need to play him.’”

However, Austin got some backlash last year when talking about getting the role of Elvis when he called Vanessa his “friend” instead of mentioning her by name: “And there was an Elvis Christmas song on the radio and I was singing along and my friend looked over at me and goes, ‘You’ve gotta play Elvis!’ And then a couple of weeks later, I was playing the piano…that same friend was there and I was playing the piano. She said, ‘I’m serious—you gotta figure out how you can get the rights to a script….’”

Vanessa ended up trolling Austin….

And he FINALLY gave her credit at the end of January, telling the Los Angeles Times, “I was with my partner at the time…that’s right. We’d been together for so long and she had this sort of clairvoyant moment and so I really, I owe her a lot for believing in me.”

More on their timeline below!

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