‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is Taking a Break From Filming for the Most 👀 Reason

vanderpump rules
Why ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Isn’t Filming RnYouTube

Anyone else still completely NOT OKAY, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT, NOT AT ALL from last night’s Vanderpump Rules finale? Obviously, the fact that we have to wait any amount of time between seasons is entirely devastating (what is the literal point of Wednesdays anymore?), and get this: The cast isn’t even filming right now.

Vanderpump Rules
executive producer Alex Baskin confirmed that cameras aren’t rolling, during an interview with Variety, and noted that “the need for a delay became clear to them after they filmed the reunion, because to move forward, the cast needs to see all three parts, the last of which airs on June 7.”

Confused about what, exactly, this means? According to Baskin himself, “The reunion is not just a recap of what you know, and it’s not just an intense version of the emotions. There is new information. I’m not saying this as a mere tease—this is true. I will put it this way: There are revelations, and they are revelations that not all of them know now. So we need a little space. I had thought that we needed cameras on them right away. And I now think we need a minute.”


Meanwhile, the cast is currently going through contract negotiations, meaning some of them could decide to opt out. “I think everyone’s wrapping their heads around what that might mean,” Baskin said. “No one’s saying no, I’ll say that—but I think it’s hard for anybody to say yes right now, because they feel like they haven’t gotten any reprieve.”

And as for whether or not Raquel will come back, “We have had those conversations with her reps. She and people around her have to feel okay about it. And so that’s why I also think that waiting a little bit helps.”

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