Valentine’s Day Is the Perfect Excuse To Try Silk Underwear for Men

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After testing out dozens of pairs of underwear for SPY readers, we’ve come to believe that you shouldn’t just feel your coziest in the best men’s underwear, but you should also look just as great. Being sexy in your skivvies isn’t just a thing for the ladies; guys deserve to feel just as hot in their underwear. There are loads of sexy men’s underwear options to help boost that sex appeal, too, ranging from cheeky jockstraps to that Valentine’s Day’s go-to — men’s silk underwear.

Visually, silk underwear for men is seductive. There isn’t any other way to put it. There is something about that silky texture that exudes desirability in ways that cotton never could. But visual qualities aren’t the only reason why every dude should own a pair of silk undies. Silk is known to have an exquisite feel on the skin that you just can’t recreate with other fabrics. It’s also naturally breathable and temperature regulating, so if you find yourself a little sweaty below the belt at times, men’s silk underwear is a smart route to go.

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, absorbent and great for sensitive skin, which silk is a great alternative for guys suffering from issues related to other materials. No wonder so many folks are ditching traditional cotton for silk pillowcases nowadays.

Whether you’re looking at purchasing a pair of the best silk underwear for men to spice things up in the bedroom or thinking about snagging a pair as one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts of the season, check out all of our picks to consider below.

1. Lahgo Washable Silk Boxers


Lahgo exists to prove that luxury clothing isn’t just for women. These uber-cozy, silky-soft boxers are built to keep you comfortable whether you’re lounging around the house or running around the office. They include a no-twist waistband with ultimate stretch for moving and grooving. Some of you might be fearful to throw silk underwear in the wash with the rest of your clothes but fret not: these are entirely machine washable. No shrinking, no softness changes, just day after day of total relaxation.

Lahgo Washable Silk Boxers
Lahgo Washable Silk Boxers

Buy: Lahgo Washable Silk Boxers $88.00

2. SilkSilky 100% Pure Silk Boxer Briefs Underwear


Why have one pair of silk undies when you can have four at the same price? That’s exactly what SilkSilky thinks. This four-pack includes a silky-smooth pair of boxer briefs in a different color to boost the appearance of your underwear drawer. Because these are boxer briefs, they’re going to be a little different than traditional silk underwear for men (which typically are used in loose boxers), but more than likely closer to what you already have in your underwear collection. As you can imagine, each pair is hypoallergenic and irritant-free. To top it all off, this pack is even on sale for around $20 off right now.

SilkSilky 100% Pure Silk Boxer Briefs Underwear
SilkSilky 100% Pure Silk Boxer Briefs Underwear

Buy: SilkSilky 100% Pure Silk Boxer Briefs Underwear $79.95 (orig. $99.80) 20% OFF

3. CHUOCHU Silk Boxer Shorts


If you’re looking for a wide range of different colors and patterns, you’ll be able to find them in CHUOCHU’s collection through Amazon. Seriously, they’ve got pinks, whites, tigers, and leopards. In addition to the fun colors and patterns, these boxers are made using primarily mulberry silk with a little bit of elastane for that added stretch. They’re exceptionally comfortable as far as silk boxer shorts go and are available at a pretty affordable price.

CHUOCHU Silk Boxer Shorts
CHUOCHU Silk Boxer Shorts

Buy: CHUOCHU Silk Boxer Shorts $49.00

4. FreedomSilk Ultra Soft Silk Triangle Boxer Briefs


While these also aren’t the most traditional of silk underwear for men, we can never hate on a pair of men’s briefs. Sure, some of you might be thinking, “Tighty-whities are a no from me,” hear us out. These briefs pack comfort you’ve never felt before, and these aren’t the classic white pair of briefs that your mom used to write your last name on. They’re available in a few colors and sit at a pretty low price just above $25.

FreedomSilk Ultra Soft Silk Triangle Boxer Briefs
FreedomSilk Ultra Soft Silk Triangle Boxer Briefs

Buy: FreedomSilk Ultra Soft Silk Triangle Boxer Briefs $25.99

5. Mommesilk Luxury Fitted Draping Silk Boxer


These silk boxers for men are as straightforward as it gets. They’re luxuriously soft, exceptionally cozy and made in that traditional, loose boxer format we’re most familiar with in men’s silk underwear. For these boxers, Mommesilk uses Grade 6A mulberry silk for breathability and comfort. Multiple colors are available and sizes go from XS to 3XL, meaning we can all look great in silk undies no matter our body shape.

Mommesilk Luxury Fitted Draping Silk Boxer
Mommesilk Luxury Fitted Draping Silk Boxer

Buy: Mommesilk Luxury Fitted Draping Silk Boxer $69.00 (orig. $109.00) 37% OFF

6. Magic Silk Silk Knit Pouch Trunk


Trunks are a sort of briefs/boxer briefs hybrid that more adequately keep things in place than you’d expect from the alternatives. Magic Silk offers a luxurious silk pair for all of you trunk lovers looking to experience the visual and feelable benefits of silk. These low-rise trunks fall a little beneath the waist and have a super lightweight consistency with a natural-feeling uplift.

Magic Silk Silk Knit Pouch Trunk
Magic Silk Silk Knit Pouch Trunk

Buy: Magic Silk Silk Knit Pouch Trunk $31.00

7. Fishers Finery Luxury Silk Boxers


What we love about these silk boxers from Fishers Finery is the length. Because they run a little longer than average, these aren’t your traditional boxers. They feel like something you can wear around the house or even grab the mail (with an added bathrobe, of course). You won’t feel too uncomfortable making a pot of coffee in the kitchen while wearing these if you live with kids, roommates or your folks. Although they don’t have pockets, we consider these more in the realm of men’s shorts.

Fishers Finery Luxury Silk Boxers
Fishers Finery Luxury Silk Boxers

Buy: Fishers Finery Luxury Silk Boxers $42.99

8. Savage x Fenty Satin Boxers


We know, we know — satin and silk are not the same. Still, we just couldn’t leave out these gorgeous satin boxers from Savage x Fenty’s brand-new men’s lingerie line. It’s Rihanna’s year anyway, isn’t it? Sorry, not sorry. These boxers are way affordable in comparison to anything you’ve seen in the world of silk. Patterns and colors are available in a very Valentine’s Day-esque, lovey-dovey fashion, too. If you can’t ball out on a pair of silk undies at this point in time, satin is always a wonderful second option. And, when it’s Rihanna, it’s hard to not make it your first option.

Savage x Fenty Satin Boxers
Savage x Fenty Satin Boxers

Buy: Savage x Fenty Satin Boxers Starting at $9.98

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