How I Used a New Type of Training to Get Out My Comfort Zone

Jamie Millar
·1 min read

From Men's Health

I was in a better place than my fellow challengers coming into this: I trained reasonably frequently; I ate reasonably well. But my advantageous situation presented its own challenges. Going from 50% to 70% is easier (sorry, guys) than going from 70% to 90%.

While David and Mark were cutting calories and eschewing carbs, I was eating basmati rice or sweet potato with chicken breast every three hours.

Thankfully, training was more fun, albeit intense. In the genetic card game that is life, I drew “legs." By week two, I was repping 110kg squats with chains attached; soon, I was deadlifting 150kg for five reps: a personal best.

Where I struggled was with my chest. Heavy benching was ditched in favor of flys, which helped me focus on muscular contraction. Ten weeks isn’t so long in the end. The challenge now, of course, is the next 10.

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