I Used Astrology To Get Pregnant & It Worked—Here’s How It Can Work For You Too

There are many things you should be thinking about when you decide to become a parent, but I must confess—I was focused on astrology. More specifically, I was wondering how I could use astrology to get pregnant! If that sounds wild to you, don’t knock the idea down just yet, because I’m a mother now and I think astrology probably had something to do with my pregnancy.

As a Gemini, I wanted to conceive a Gemini baby. Let’s be honest—who doesn’t want to be able to relate to their child astrologically? I started the process by using a fertility chart, which helped me figure out when I should conceive in order to have a baby born in early June. What I didn’t account for at the time was that my daughter would be born two weeks late, making her a Cancer (with a Venus in Gemini)! After my second time using astrology to get pregnant, I gave birth to an Aries (just like I had planned). If you’re interested in using this method, Astro-Seek’s fertility chart calculator will not only predict your baby’s zodiac sign, but it also predicts what their potential gender could be.

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As my children have grown, I do see distinct traits of both astrological signs in my kids. I was fortunate enough not to have any issues conceiving, but this isn’t always the case, and I was extremely anxious during this time. Looking back, I think I used astrology as a way to keep me centered, because so much is beyond your control when you try to become a parent.

Courtesy of Ilzy Sousa. Pexels.
Courtesy of Ilzy Sousa. Pexels.

How Does Fertility Astrology Work?

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Truthfully, I’m embarrassed when I tell people how much the stars impacted the way I planned my family, but the more I opened up about it, the more I discovered that tons of people use astrology to guide them in various aspect of their fertility journey. And why not? We use astrology to discover the best time to sign a contract or start a project. Astrology even warns us about the worst time of year to travel (have you ever been in an airport when Mercury is retrograde? I don’t recommend it). So, why shouldn’t someone look to the stars to find the ideal time to add a new member to their family, especially since menstrual cycles are tied into the rhythms of the moon?

In fact, when it comes to the astrology of fertility, the moon is the most important thing to look into. UK-based Astrologer and author Sally Kirkman says that when she gives astrology readings for people who are trying to conceive, she always starts by looking at their moon sign, because “the moon represents parenthood and children.” Kirkman notes another important factor, which is knowing which moon phase you were born during and replicating that moon phase cycle when you try to conceive, because that is your most fertile time. She notes “the power of astrology is that you work with timing.” And if you happen to be ovulating during your lunar return, that’s another sign that you’re more fertile than usual.

However, it’s not all about the moon. According to astrologer Lori Lothian of Lunatic Astrology, “when it comes to making babies, the fifth house is everything.” If you’re the type who only reads your daily horoscope, you might want to calculate your natal chart, because Lothian adds that you need to know your rising sign in order to understand your fifth house, which rules over creation, fertility and childbearing.

Also, when Jupiter—planet of luck—is moving through the zodiac sign that rules your fifth house, it definitely increases your chances of getting pregnant. For example, Jupiter is currently moving through Aries until May of 2023. And if you’re a Sagittarius rising trying to conceive, this is great news, because Jupiter is currently moving through your fifth house! Lothian says: “Sags are in a high fertility window, and they should watch out, because Jupiter is throwing sperm darts in their direction!”

As everyone knows, not all pregnancies are planned, and she also warns that “accidental pregnancy is a common side effect of Uranus traveling through your fifth house.” Attention all Capricorns who are *not* trying to get pregnant—Uranus is traveling through your fifth house from 2019-2026, so take some extra precautions!

Courtesy of Pixabay. Pexels.
Courtesy of Pixabay. Pexels.

Can An Astrologer Help You Get Pregnant?

Even if you’re not necessarily trying to get pregnant right now, there are a myriad of reasons why someone would seek out a fertility astrologer. Lori Lothian’s clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including women searching for the best time to take a break from their careers to become a parent and other individuals who are concerned about their ticking biological clocks. Speaking of biological clocks, Lothian says that ages 28 and 40 are when the fifth house is most activated. So, keep this in mind when you start thinking about having a baby!

Maybe I should have been aware that I was born during a waning gibbous moon or whether Jupiter was moving through my fifth house when I decided to become a parent, but I didn’t. That said, I’m glad I was able to use my superficial knowledge about astrology to guide me during this important period of my adult life. As of now, I’m done having babies, but when I talked about the fertile nature of the fifth house with Sally Kirkman, she said, “The fifth house is what you give birth to; it could be your masterpiece and it doesn’t have to be a child.” Now that pregnancy isn’t on my radar, I’m going to look to the stars to help me figure out the best time to complete my artistic masterpiece!

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