US Department Of Transportation Unveils A Bill Of Rights For Disabled Passengers On Flights

The US Department of Transportation recently released a bill of rights for airline passengers living with disabilities. This is part of an effort to make air travel as comfortable as possible and help counter what some have called “the summer of travel hell.”

According to Yahoo!, Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, “announced two initiatives Friday meant to give all travelers a better experience in the air. A bill of rights for disabled passengers and a notice urging airlines to prioritize seating families together.”

The bill will apply to all American carriers and foreign flights arriving and departing from the United States.

As noted by Yahoo!, it goes as follows:

First and foremost, disabled passengers should be treated with the same dignity and respect as other passengers.

Passengers have the right to receive information about services and aircraft capabilities and limitations.

Disabled passengers have the right to receive information in an accessible format. Airline websites should be accessible for those with aural and visual impairments.

Facilities at airports and on airplanes should be accessible for disabled travelers.

Disabled travelers who require assistance getting to their gate and getting on and off the plane should have it.

Disabled passengers have the right to assistance on the aircraft. This includes pre-boarding for passengers who need extra time and help getting to and from their seat.

Airlines and airports should make accommodations for passengers with service animals and/or assistive devices.

Disabled passengers should have the right to adjustable seating on board. This can include a movable armrest to ease access for wheelchair users, bulkhead seating to accommodate service animals or an adjoining seat for an assistant.

Disabled passengers should expect a resolution to a disability-related issue. Airlines should make complaint resolution officials available at the passenger’s request.

Lastly, airplanes should have at least one accessible bathroom for wheelchair passengers.