Our "Unstoppable After 40" Guide Is On Sale for Cyber Monday

unstoppable after 40
Our "Unstoppable After 40" Guide Is On AmazonHearst Owned

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Adding a few more candles to your birthday cake shouldn’t mean you have to start slowing down.

With the right routine, you can feel amazing at any age, but that routine will look a little different from the way you may have trained in your youth. Muscle matters, but before you can tone your lats or glutes, you need a solid foundation that emphasizes mobility and stability.

Milo F. Bryant, a fitness and life coach, brings you the exact techniques he's used to train his clients and help them get back to doing activities they love, pain-free. "Unstoppable After 40" is your ultimate guide to getting older without getting old.

And did we mention it's 20% off on Amazon today only? You can snag the entire guide for $19.96 for 12 hours only on Saturday, December 3rd, starting at 3:20 a.m. until 3:20 p.m. EST.

  • Over 60 exercises with detailed illustrations on proper form

  • How to recover from workouts faster, protect your joints and boost your energy

  • Identify problem areas and learn how to become your most unstoppable self

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