This Unsexy Loungewear Trend Is All I’m Wearing This Spring

Eva Thomas
·2 min read
nightgowns are the next big loungeweear trend
nightgowns are the next big loungeweear trend


I'm over sweatsuits. After spending months in "the unofficial uniform of quarantine," I was craving a change — and that change came in the form of an ethereal nightgown that I never would have thought about putting on two years ago. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate a really good loungewear set, and I've curated a collection of sweatpant-and-sweatshirt combos that I plan on keeping in my arsenal for years. But when an Eileen West nightgown appeared on my doorstep last summer, it was love at first sight.

The floor-length dress, sent by a brand rep, is obviously very pretty. It has thick straps and a sweetheart neckline with touches of lace on each. It makes me feel like a princess even on my worst days: Simply putting it on and doing a spin or two around my room lifts my mood. (If you've had a down day, I say put on your nightgown — even if it isn't nighttime — blast your favorite song, and dance around your living room. It works wonders.)

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But this nightgown isn't just pretty — it's comfy, too. A flowy dress like my Eileen West one is more comfortable than a loungewear set because there isn't a waistband digging in, allowing complete freedom of movement. And while nightgowns are designed for sleep, I also wear mine during the day; I just add a swipe of lipstick and some gold hoops.

I honestly don't know what happened to the nightgown over the years, but I really regret not wearing one sooner. I always considered them old and outdated (My grandma wore one! My mom did too!), but boy was I wrong. They're not outdated, they're amazing, and one of my spring goals is to keep growing my nightgown collection.

Nightgowns are basically all I wear now, and I'm begging you to wear one, too. Shop some of my favorites below — I pinky-promise you'll love them.

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